Alternative Income from Betting.


I am sorry that I have not been posting for a while.

I have been evaluating a Fixed Odd betting system on Forex, and I am impressed with it.

From my evaluation it gives a 90% hit rate (i.e. the indication comes true).

If I bet only when it gives me a return of 30% and more, then I will be getting an average return of: 17% (see calculations below). I have on occasions had 86% return on a bet, which was very good indeed.

10 bets at 100 each
9 bets win 30 each = 270
1 bet loses 100
So in 1000 bet, I will gain 170 (after the loss), which is a 17% return per bet (and that is including any losses).

Of course, there is a risk that something weird happens on the Forex, which drops the probability of gains from 90% to something lower.

If the probability drops to 80%, my returns would drop to a mere 4%, which is not enough considering the risk.
10 bets at 100 each
8 bets win 30 each = 240
2 bets lose 100 = 200.

I am not really doing this to get rich, as I only risked £100 on it. So far I have 7 wins, and 1 loss, giving me a gain of £85.34. The nice part with this is that it is tax free.

I will get to you on how I am doing with the system, and maybe share some more info on it.

/Have a nice Bonfire Night!