About Fredrik Sohlberg

I am 46 years old Swede living in the UK.

I am an Enterpreneur and use investing to keep and grow my earnings.

The ultimate aim is to become financially free. I have in the last 5 years (during the recession, and loosing my job) managed to get from 5% financial freedom to around 30% financial freedom. I am hoping to add at least another 30% to my financial freedom in 2014. (Financial freedom for me is to finance my lifestyle with passive cashflowing investments.)

Cooking, Wine, Investments, Travelling, Reading and my family is what gives life content.

I have a lovely wife, and two adorable children of 8 and 5 years old.

I write this blog with the hope that I can help some more people become financially better off.

Current investments:

  • Stocks and Shares (using accelerated earnings methods).
  • Wine (Bordeaux mainly).
  • Fixed income Bonds, Gilts, and Shares.
  • Premium Bonds, for that gambling streak.

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